For companies whose employees drive a lot!

For drivers wanting to improve their driving skill!

For rally drivers and car entusiasts!

Safety Driving Courses


The prices below are for individual courses. For group pricing, contact us.

  • Half-day : 290lv 
The prices don’t include a car. If you would like to rent some of our cases, you must pay additional for the rent.

Ice and Snow driving courses are extremely suitable for everybody who wishes to improve their driving skill.

These courses are very popular with our corporate clients, who wish to improve the safety of their employees.

These courses are also a perfect team building event, which combines a fun ice and snow driving experience, with a skill and safety improvements.

Three driving course levels are available – Base, Intermediate and Extreme.

In addition, the Academy has:

  • ALCO Glasses – simulating driving after alcohol use.
  • Car Rolling Simulator
  • Photographer for the best moments

Free Practice



  •  The car must be reserved before coming to the track!

  • Valid driving license is required.

  • Access to the track only with an Ice Driving Academy instructor.

  • Car Deposit – 500lv (250 euro).

Rent a car on the track

BMW 520 (RWD): 10 min90 lv / 20 min – 150 lv. / 30 min –210 lv.

Renault Clio Williams (FWD): 10 min – 90 lv. / 20 min – 150 lv. / 30 min – 210 lv.

(new 2021) Skoda Fabia (FWD): 10 min – 90 lv. / 20 min – 150 lv. / 30 min – 210 lv. 

(new 2021) Citroen Saxo VTS (FWD): 10 min – 90 lv. / 20 min – 150 lv. / 30 min – 210 lv. 

(new 2021) Mitsubishi Eclipse (RWD): 10 min – 150lv / 20 min – 220/ 30 min – 320 lv

(new 2021) BMW E46 323i (RWD): 10 min – 150lv / 20 min – 220/ 30 min – 320 lv

Mitsubishi Evo 8 4х4 (300hp+): 10 min – 280 lv./  20 min – 380 lv.  / 30 min – 480 lv.

Mitsubishi Evo 9 4×4 (285hp+): 10 min – 380 lv. / 20 min– 480 lv. / 30 min –580 lv.

Mitsubishi Evo 9 – The Racing Car of Dimitar Iliev. Ask for price.

Come with your car

If you wish to drive on the track with your own car, you can do that in a completely safe environment. The car must be prepared for winter driving. No leaks from the car!

Price: 100 lv / 2 session x 20 minutes

Access allowed only after confirmed reservation.

Rally Taxi

Sit next to the 8 time Bulgarian Rally Champion  – Dimitar Iliev

The Car

A true rally legend –  MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION VIII/IX, with over  300hp, studded tires and studded tires. The car is prepared by Dimitar Iliev’s racing team.

Experience being the navigator of a rally champion.

Gift Vauchers are available!

The event usually takes about 20-30 minutes:

  • Getting to know Dimitar and the car.
  • Driving session around the track

Price depends on the available slots on the track. Ask us for price and availability!

Rent the track

The track can be rented by car clubs, organizations, car manifacturesrs, etc.

Safety/Ice Driving academy has years of experience in organizing test drives, showing new models, journalist events, racing events.

The track is suitable for filming ad spots, or movie scenes.

Price depends on the availability of free slots and the number of guests, etc.
Call us to discuss your event!

Team Buliding

The track is very suitable for organizing tram building events. We already have over 50 corporate clients.

Usually, team building events take place in the morning, but if your colleagues are of the sleep type, we can do it in the afternoon as well 🙂

Call us to discuss your event.

Reserve Your Experience

Track access is allowed only after receiving a confirmation about your reservation.

The track is dependent on weather conditions. In very warm weather, it is possible that some sessions will be cancelled, in order to preserve the track surface.

Maximum 5 cars are allowed on the track simultaneously. If there are more reservations for the date you have specified, you will be offered an alternative.